Wednesday, January 07, 2009

One Hell Of A Brave Woman Confronting Israeli Soldier

I saw this video this morning on AMERICAblog, and have thought about it all day long. I cannot believe the brave and courageous action of the obviously American girl confronting the Israeli soldiers.

The video is plenty clear that the "enemy" these soldiers are shooting at are not "terrorists" or a threat in any fashion to the soldiers, and yet, the excuse I keep hearing from the sympathizers to this massive imbalance of destruction is that "hey, those kids could have a bomb and blow up the soldiers." Viewing this ONE particular scene, are there any doubts that the kids throwing rocks at the soldiers were doing nothing but throwing fucking rocks? And the response is to SHOOT AT THEM, WITH REAL BULLETS? It's insane. What, 7 or so Israelis killed by the stupid Hamas shellings, and 700 or more Palestinians dead, over half of them CIVILIANS based on the Israelis' response?

This is just in the eyes of any one's God?

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