Sunday, January 25, 2009

It's Not A Republican Country, Despite Republican Claims To The Contrary

Bush wasn't just a Republican president, he was the Republican president. Bush was the guy who took everything on the GOP platform seriously. He went to bat for every idea that ever got the official elephant nuts seal of approval. The record that resulted isn't just a measure of Bush's incompetence, it's a measure of just how bad Republican ideas are in practice.

Republican insistence that the market could be self regulating wrecked the market... as it has every time it's been tried.

Republican insistence that rewarding folks who already had loads of cash was the best way to spark the economy failed to make things better for the average American and widened the gap between rich and poor... as it has every time it's been tried.

Republican insistence that giving the oil companies billions would result in a burst of domestic production failed... as it has every time it's been tried.

Republican insistence that the market alone would position us for our energy future left us more vulnerable to those who control overseas oil resources... as it has every time it's been tried.

Of course, there are plenty of other numbers to track. Illegal signing statements. Violations of the Constitution. Americans and non-Americans killed in an unnecessary war.

Still, you have to give the Bush administration at least one "A" on the grade card. The guy was great at recess.

A very in-depth analysis by Devilstower over at DailyKos. A must read concerning the very real problem with the Republican party's standard platform. It has never worked and will never work. Each time in history when the American people turned over the reins to the Republican party, this country has suffered in every conceivable manner.

The past eight years under the Bush Administration has pretty much gutted this country, emotionally, financially and spiritually. The huge numbers that voted in Democrats in all areas of government across this country is proof positive that, at least as far as Americans are concerned, they are done with Republican ideas. Been there, done that.

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