Thursday, January 22, 2009

East Coast Beaters??????

Ok, so many of you already know I'm a Beater Buddy. Had no idea Billy created an "East Coast Beaters" band, with just totally different performers.

Now, I know (having been raised in music) that it's the quality of the musicians that makes the band (not going to address song, lyrics, etc.), but this was the song the Beaters highlighted Jerry Peterson playing double sax, damn it!

Jerry plays double sax on this song .. but where is Jerry? Ricky's not on lead, and who the hell are on the horns? East Coast Beaters? Oh My God!

Damn, if Billy's new YouTube stuff and his East Coast Beaters are the new shit, no wonder I haven't seen him around lately at Ralph's market.

Plus, I prefer the old band.

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