Sunday, February 18, 2007

Our Media Pundits, A Pack Of Rabid Dogs That Drool And Growl When Anyone Mentions A Democrat

I haven't posted much on the political scene since the November elections. Although there was a dramatic shift across this nation, with the Democrats taking control over the Republican party in Washington and in most of the states, the change in Washington is slow, if coming at all.

One thing I notice, though, is that all the television news programs have ratcheted up their partisan vitriol. Before the election, those talking heads would always find something negative to say about the Democratic party, but mostly in a dismissive sort of way, like swatting a fly that has become a nuisance.

Now, they are in attack overdrive mode. It's actually kind of funny. Like a pack of rabid dogs that drool and growl when anyone mentions a Democrat.

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