Tuesday, January 09, 2007

"... take some hard knocks to your sensitive parts and cope with it ..."

Oh, Joe, Joe, Joe. First day at school and you’re already shooting spitballs back and forth with your commenters. This does not bode well for your future in blogging. That activity rapidly becomes the verbal equivalent of playing Whack-a-Mole.

Respectfully, sir, this is not a realm for thin-skinned, pampered
“star” columnists like yourself. People will be leaping upon your every word with blood in their eyes and murder in their hearts.

You’re either going to have to learn to take some hard knocks to your sensitive parts and cope with it or you’re going to need to find a new hobby. I don’t think you quite understand the world you are stepping into. It’s like you’re walking into the lion cage at the zoo wearing a suit made entirely of pork chops.

Good luck. We’ll be watching. My guess is that you’ll be shutting down your ‘comments’ feature before the end of the month.

Sincerely,T. Rex, Esq.

Great, great post, re blogging. Read more here at Firedoglake. I'm liking this TRex guy more with each new post.

And isn't it more of those blogs that shut off comments? I'm not aware of any liberal blogs that censor comments. I have personal experience of having been blocked from commenting when not putting anything in the comment that was foulmouthed, dirty or name calling.

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