Sunday, January 21, 2007

Setting Our Sights On Attacking Iran

A little tidbit from Frank Rich at the NYT, courtesy of Raw Story:

Cheney was honest, at least, when he said that the White House's Iraq policy would remain "full speed ahead!" no matter what happened on Nov. 7. Now it is our patriotic duty -- politicians, the press and the public alike -- to apply the brakes. Our failure to check the administration when it rushed into Iraq in 2003 will look even more shameful to history if we roll over again for a reboot in 2007. For all the belated Washington scrutiny of the war since the election, and for all the heralded (if so far symbolic) congressional efforts to challenge it, too much lip service is still being paid to the deceptive PR strategies used by the administration to sell its reckless policies. This time we must do what too few did the first time: call the White House on its lies. Lies should not be confused with euphemisms like "incompetence" and "denial."

I am amazed that this group has not deviated from their past lies with respect to the lead up to attacking Iran vis-a-vis Iraq. If they weren't so serious, and the consequences so dire, I'd be laughing my butt off (LMBO).

You know damn well this country, or Israel, alone or in tandem, will attack Iran this year. That is a given. What is not a given is what, exactly, will Congress and the American people do about it. Will impeachment talk actually become a reality?

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