Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Togo Trip

My best friend is realizing her dream come true by visiting Africa. She left on the 18th and won't be back until the end of January.

Her son (in his early 20's) joined the Peace Corps after he graduated from UCSB, and has been living in Togo for the past 18 months. His two year stint is up in June 2007, and he has already informed us that he will not return to the U.S., but will, instead, set up roots in the general area he has been living.

Situated on the west coast of Africa, Togo has land boundaries with Burkina Faso to the north, Benin to the east, Ghana to the west, and the south is bordered with the Gulf of Guinea (Atlantic Ocean).

More on this as I am kept abreast of my friend's visit. I collect shot glasses. Hopefully, the airport in Nairobi has the typical tourist crap, i.e., key chains, license plates and SHOT GLASSES! Apparently that's where her general air travel ends, and she has to get to Togo by African airline travel. She was "vague" on her secondary air carrier name, but I am sure that was just because she was unfamiliar with them (as opposed to knowing you're taking American to JFK and transferring to BA to say Heathrow).

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