Thursday, December 21, 2006

Rosie v. the Donald

I think this is funny, and it shows how much people just simply lie at the drop of a hat.

I read this Yahoo article about Rosie O'Donnell taking exception to "the Donald's" passing morality judgments on the current Miss USA's behavior. She says, specifically:

"Left the first wife, had an affair, left the second wife, had an affair. Had kids both times, but he's the moral compass for 20-year-olds in America," O'Donnell said to roars of audience laughter. "Donald, sit and spin, my friend."

She continued: "He inherited a lot of money. wait a minute, and he's been bankrupt so many times where he didn't have to pay. ... just think that this man is sort of like one of those, you know, snake oil salesmen in 'Little House on the Prairie.'"
To which, the Donald replied:

"Rosie O'Donnell is disgusting, I mean both inside and out," Trump shot back on the syndicated entertainment show "The Insider." "Take a look at her, she's a slob. She talks like a truck driver. ... Her show failed when it was a talk show, she failed on that. The ratings went very, very low and very bad and she got essentially thrown off television. Her magazine was a total catastrophe, she got sued. ...

"I never went bankrupt, but she said I went bankrupt. So probably I'll sue her because it would be fun. I'd like to take some money out of her fat-ass pockets," he said.

So I did a little research, via the Google, and came up with this little tidbit in oh, five seconds:

Trump, Donald John, 1946–, American business executive, b. New York City. After attending the Wharton business school, he joined the family real estate business. A self-promoting and flamboyant dealmaker, he was able to secure loans with minimal collateral in the free-wheeling 1980s and created an empire in real estate, casinos, sports, and transportation. By 1990, however, the effects of recession had left him unable to meet loan payments. Although he shored up his businesses with additional loans and postponed interest payments, mounting debt brought Trump to business bankruptcy and the brink of personal bankruptcy. Banks and bondholders lost hundreds of millions of dollars but opted to restructure his debt to avoid risking losing even more in a court fight. By 1994, Trump had eliminated a huge portion of his $900 million personal debt and reduced substantially his nearly $3.5 billion in business debt. Forced to relinquish the Trump Shuttle (bought in 1989), he retained Trump Tower in New York City and control of his three casinos in Atlantic City. In 1999, Trump toyed with running for president on the Reform party ticket. Crippling debt payments forced his casinos into bankruptcy again in 2004, and Trump's stake in the company was greatly reduced when it emerged from bankruptcy in 2005. Widely known as simply "the Donald," Trump stars in his own reality television show, which debuted in 2004.
Although one could split hairs by determining that his business bankruptcies do not count, he was still involved and it was his hand that directed "the businesses." By any account, that was two bankruptcies, Donald, not zero.

Rosie sure must have hit a nerve, judging by the comments he made. Interesting that Rosie attacked the Donald's character, while all he could harp on was her weight and appearance. AND, he's one to talk with that stupid, stupid out-of-touch combover!


Bob said...

Weird. Rosie's talk show didn't fail. I'm not a fan, but people tend to forget she's a stand up comic. Her assessment of Trump's character was dead on. Anyway. "Miss USA" is a bimbo contest, who cares if the current winner is partying it up in New York? She's as memorable as last year's winner, whoever that was.

Carrie said...

I know, regarding Rosie's talk show. It was a huge success, not even close to a failure. And her magazine was not a failure, but it was her fight with the new incoming editor that sparked a problem for Rosie, who simply folded the magazine (if memory serves me, don't wan't to goggle right now). Either way, the loser in this fight is most assuredly the Donald! And, yes, I remember her as a stand up comic, back inthe early days of VH-1 when she hosted a comedy show on that channel. Back when she was skinnnnnnyyyyyyy.