Friday, December 22, 2006

One Martini, Two Martini

There is something sequoia-like about Litton. He is big — and, though bearing the marks of age, thus far unvanquished. He walks slowly, listing slightly forward, led by a generous belly. Runaway eyebrows, a thatch of white hair and a trim beard wreath his strong features.

Litton still pilots a small plane around California from his Bay Area home in the Portola Valley. He still rows his own dory through the Grand Canyon. "There's no other way."

He begins lunch and dinner with a martini. "They keep you alive."

So does the fight for what's left of the wild California he grew up with.

Very interesting article about the federal government logging in Sequoia National Park.

Having a martini before every lunch and dinner ... well, that's one way to make it to age 90!

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