Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Will A Majority Of Americans Finally Speak To Bush On November 7?

This illustrates what has become a huge (and self-perpetuating)problem for Bush followers -- how do you continue to use the old reliable demonization tactics against Bush critics and war critics when the vast majority of Americans now fall into those categories?

My sentiments, as well.

I have a difficult time picking which emotion I wish to have about this upcoming election. I want to be joyous and excited about the fact that approximately 70% of Americans disagree with this administration in many ways. I don't want to get my expectations up, though, as long as there still is a Rove, and Diebold, and the Republican party's ability to manipulate voting results. I am sorry, but I am totally one of those that has firmly believed in the rigging of the elections since 2000, and I see nothing that has changed my mind about the voting machines and the people that deal with them on the inside, or that they aren't still attempting to swing this election.

Although, it won't be as easy given the fact that this is not a national election where it is possible to switch a few thousand votes here and there in key delegate states. This manipulation would have to entail a larger framework, one that is subject to individual participation breakdowns. Meaning, the solidarity of the silence is compromised given the fact that many voting areas would have to be manipulated in many cities in many states. This is not as likely as being able to manipulate a national election by tilting key states' totals here and there, to pass the margin of error red marker. Just remember how many key exit polls were off the mark for the first time ever in 2004. It's just those few thousand votes, baby.

Anyway, back to the present. As Greenwald succinctly puts it, don't fall into that overly pessimistic mindset.

I already went down that road in 2004, when I swear on election day, I was fully believing that Kerry was going to win. I fully believe the Democrats will take the majority in the House, but I cannot promise that the Rove and Diebold connection won't snatch that victory from us. And, given the fact that very few politicians or any representatives of the general public, have actually contested the past two presidential elections, I am not confident there will be sufficient outrage over any obvious manipulation of an election to spark even a page 32 mention in any major newspaper.

Still, I will party hard next Wednesday if a miracle happens and our country is taken back by the people.

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Bob said...

Dean's "50 State Strategy" provides a bit of protection, because it spreads Repug resource & has generated many contested races where there weren't any 2 years ago, which means more scrutiny by both local parties. If the Dems manage to take the House, hopefully they'll listen to Reps like Rush Holt from Jersey, who's tried to introduce poll count legislation, & actually has support from some Repugs (tho not Repug leadership).