Saturday, November 04, 2006

"A 30 million strong evangelical group! Holy fucking shit!!"

(And right around now, if you haven't been following the American theocracy movement closely, you should be saying to yourself: "A 30 million strong evangelical group! Holy fucking shit!!")

Ha ha. That one almost got by me tonight!

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Bob said...

Thirty mil is a highly inflated number that includes the complete memberships of all participating NAE churches & denominations, which is like saying the National Council of Churches speaks for all Methodists. The older right wing mullahs (Falwell, Dobson) don't like or really trust the slick younger generation represented by Haggard, Rod Parsley, etc., although they've tried to present a united front. But the backroom aquabbling & struggle for poltical influence has been going on for some time now, & it'll get worse if the Repugs take a beating on Tuesday as they blame each other.