Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Bill Clinton Meets With Top Liberal Bloggers

This was an amazing day for me. I felt a tremendous swelling of patriotic pride and love for America when I attended this meeting. Here I was, with a group of my friends and colleagues, meeting with one of our nation's Presidents because our small, do-it-yourself political operation had drawn his attention. I mean, this is largely work I have completed and a movement to which I have contributed from the bedroom of my apartment in West Philly. Somehow, in only a few years, this resulted in meeting with a former President of the United States. As I was thinking about this, I quickly remembered that President Clinton attended a public high school Arkansas (as I did in Liverpool, New York), and rose to become President of the United States. And here we were, conversing with one another as citizens, overlooking the New York City skyline, which is quite possibly the greatest architectural achievement in the history of humanity. And we were doing it in a neighborhood, Harlem, which has never been particularly wealthy but whose residents produced some of the greatest works of art worldwide in the 20th century. It was a dizzying and remarkable moment that reminds you just what the true promise of this nation really is, of the greatness we have achieved, and of the still yet untapped potential of America to accomplish far greater things still. As I walked back to the subway with Atrios after the meeting, crossing streets named after other great Americans who achieved far more than anyone had expected--Adam Clayton Powell, Martin Luther King, Malcom X--I could not stop thinking about how utterly vast our potential as a nation is. American democracy indeed.

(Courtesy of Chris Bowers at MyDD) I'm jealous of their meeting Bill Clinton (grins). Still, it's trippy to realize the fact that Clinton actually reads the blogs. Makes you want to spell check a bit more!

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Bob said...

After nearly six years of Da Idiot, it's trippy to think that a public high school kid from Arkansas even was president, much less that he was better educated than the rich preppy.