Sunday, August 20, 2006

Those Nasty Bill Collectors Just Got Another Account

The irony of this article is that the Bush administration is trying to put the squeeze on small-time tax cheats -- albeit inefficiently -- at the same time as it is letting go close to half of IRS lawyers charged with rooting out tax fraud among the wealthy. And those fired tax attorneys were extremely effective, bringing in about $2,200 in every hour they work.

Very well put. It amazes me just how blatant this administration is about screwing over the middle class and poor people. Always taking from the public dole and handing (ok, forking) over tons of money to the wealthy individuals and corporate entities, while eliminating valid service after service provided to the middle class and poor. And, now, firing the attorneys that go after rich tax cheats in order to concentrate on those that owe less than $25,000 to the government! Sheesh.

I hear there's a progressive movement afoot, although you wouldn't know it by the print and television news reporting.

P.S. Let's hope there are enough real Democrats in the Senate to put a stop to the Travelling Lieberman Show.

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