Sunday, August 06, 2006

My Chorus Line Experience

When my then boyfriend and I attended the Los Angeles company's performance of A Chorus Line (in 1977, I believe), we went out to dinner at a restaurant in the newly built Universal City. My boyfriend was sporting a top hat and tails, and I had this new leotard that criss-crossed the breasts. I was in the habit of stealing coffe mugs from restaurants, and at this particular place we loved both the mugs AND the cream and sugar bowls. So, I put the two coffee mugs into the certain parts of my leotard where the boobs where, and he put the creamer and sugar bowl in his top hat, and hand carried it out. I know I entered that restaurant a 34b and came out a 34d (laughing).


Bob said...

For years my favorite coffee mugs were a pair of small ceramic ones from Denny's my then-girlfriend slipped into her large shoulder bag.

Carrie said...

Usually, I had the large shoulder bag with me. But, when one goes to the theater, one tends to bring the small compact purse that carries just the minimal. I had some oriental print small handbag that barely held my ID, keys and money.