Monday, July 18, 2005

Rove Update VII

The NutJobBlog almost gets it!

It was just back on the 13th of this month that I wrote my opinion on the subject of the Rove kerfuffle; that it was part and parcel with a paranoid conspiracy theory pushed by the far left and now rapidly infecting the MSM and the Democratic leadership. Conyers isn't just another Democratic Congressman - he's one of their top people; he's listened to with respect by his peers...and he's completely bought the idea that there was an evil conspiracy by President Bush, et al to dupe us into war and that Rove attempted to destroy the man who first exposed it all.

To our leftwing, the liberation of Iraq is an entirely separate war- it is an invention of the Bush Administration which took advantage of 9/11 if, indeed, they didn't engineer the whole thing in order to have a reason for invading Iraq to steal oil/serve Israel/provide contracts of Haliburton/insert favored conspiracy theory here. This is the stuff of aliens held at Area 51...and our Democrats are pushing it and the MSM is being their megaphone. Once upon a time we on the right joked about the
"tin-foil hat brigade" on the left - it was so absurd, their opinions on the war...but it turns out that the lunatics are in charge of the Democratic asylum.

I would delete the line about the aliens. Other than that, he's got everything just about right! (chuckle)

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